Bleach Soul Resurreccion Game PS3

Bleach Soul Resurreccion Game PS3

January 14, 2019 0 By BS RAHON

Bleach Soul Resurreccion PS3 ISO game is an action, fighting game. This game is released by NIS America and Konami and developed by SCE Japan Studio. It was published in August 2011 for PS3. This game is released in full ISO and PKG format for jailbreak PlayStation 3. The game is based on the manga and anime franchise Bleach for PS3.

Bleach Soul Ignition ps3 game was received mixed reviews by critics. The gameplay of this game is very well and in gameplay, players utilize the PlayStation 3 controller’s analog button and 4 simple buttons to control their character in the 3D atmosphere. Characters move with the left joystick while controlling the camera with the right. The controller button X performs a jump and pressing X again while in air performs a double jump. Melee is performed through square button which can be used for the fight.

Bleach Soul Resurreccion PS3 Screen Shot

Game Details

  • Game name –Bleach Soul Resurreccion Game PS3
  • Series –Bleach Soul
  • Developer –SCE Japan Studio
  • Publisher –Konami
  • Size –1.5GB
  • Mode – Action, Fighting Mode
  • Genre –Single Player Game

The triangle button on the controller performs spirit fight move which consumes spiritual pressure from the pressure bar which sits below the health bar at the top of the display. Many players have different spilled moves based on whether they are on the air and in the ground. The O button performs super attacks. Super attacks ate strong battle moves that consume most if not all the pressure bar.

Direct Download (USA) – Start
Password –     or     GamerLikeBohemia
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Password – GamerLikePro

All fighting moves and attacks are amazing in this game and these attacks are different depending on if the player is in the air and on the ground. The L1 key is used to target lock onto an enemy and R1 button blocks all attacks by opponents. The more power a player takes, the less heath they can recover.

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