The Last of Us Game PS3

The Last of Us Game PS3

January 26, 2019 4 By BS RAHON

The Last of Us PS3 iso is a very nice game and released in June 2013. Naughty Dog was a developer and this game is best action-adventure, open-world game on ps3. It was released by Sony Computer Entertainment for Playstation 3 and available in iso and pkg format. Last of Us is a high graphics game and in this game, users can control Mr. Joel. He is a smuggler and tasked with Ellie (she is a teenage girl), across the zombie-apocalyptic US.

The Last of Us PS3 iso game was able to released positive reviews by critics and you can play this game from a third-person background view. Users also can use firearms, upgrade weapons and can use stealth to survive against enemies and zombies, who is infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps virus. Multiplayer mode is available and up to 8 players attach in competitive gameplay.

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PS3 Game Details

  • Game name –The Last of Us Game PS3
  • Series –The Last of Us
  • Developer –Naughty Dogs
  • Publisher –Sony Computer Entertainments
  • Size –35GB
  • Mode – Single-Player and Multiplayer mode
  • Genre – Action Adventure, Horror Game

This game is an action adventure and horror game and the character traverses across zombie-apocalyptic atmospheres such as houses, forest, and buildings, to advance the story. The player takes control of Joel and also controls Ellie throughout the game’s winter segment.  In fight, you can use long-range high damage weapons, like – sniper, shotguns, rifles, melee guns. Player can also use short-range low damage weapons, like – handguns and a short-barreled pump-action shotgun.

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In combat, User can use melee weapons, like – baseball bat, hockey stick, pipes, throw bottles and many more. All features in this game are nice and received positive reaction by critics and the features is an artificial intelligence system. If enemies find out the character, they may take position and call to other enemies. They can take action on the player when he is distracted, out of ammunition and injured.

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